Established 1961
by Rod Lassetter


After completing an apprenticeship with General Aircraft, Feltham, Mr Rod Lassetter joined the Army based at Colchester Barracks. After the war ended, Rod set up a small engineering workshop in Glenhaven Avenue. 

Below is a photo of Rod proudly operating his MK1 Town Woodhouse 369 Turret Mill in the Glenhaven property.

MOD contracts

Rod took on a series of contracts but was soon established as a precision engineer & his skills earned him some interest from local larger firms. GEC based near Elstree Studios would supply Rod with the more technical jobs. 

Glenhaven Avenue

Some equipment circa 1962


New Theobald Street Workshop.

Rod helped to design the layout of the new workshop, offices, storeroom, laboratory & even specified a special soft surface flooring & oil fired heating.

Theobald Street late 1963 


Time to install equipment

With help from the MOD, the workshop was supplied with equipment needed to build ground breaking components. From plating facilities to high temperature furnaces there was no limit to the equipment available to Rod.

Assembly Room 01

A dedicated facility to pre-assemble components.

A purpose built room with benches, power supplies & specialised equipment away from the noise of the main workshop. This room is used today for prototype & project work with the same benches & power facilities.

Laboratory Room 02

A fume extracted clean room 

Originally used for precious metal plating & chemical preparation this facility is now used for component cleaning & non contact final inspection.

60 years on, and the bespoke hardwood fume cabinets are still in use,

Workshop Store Room 03

A manned store room was built to control the access of high value material & chemicals. This store is still used for material & special tooling. We stock most grades of stainless steel & specialist metals like Molybdenum & Titanium.

The Workshop

Overlooking Theobald Street (an historic trade route from Radlett to Barnet) the workshop had an impressive view of the old Dairy on the opposite side of the road. The Dairy has now gone, as too has the original Crown Pub (inhabited until recently by Michell Engineering) & the Cellotape factory to our rear.


However, as can be seen below, our internal layout of angled lathes in the window remains the same to this day. Nearly 60 years has passed between the external photos below yet the original venetian blinds still adorn the office windows. (If it ain't broke........)

Theobald Street

Close to the train station & Elstree Studios

Built in 1963, our current premises are local to Elstree & Borehamwood with transport links via Train, Bus & the local Aerodrome. Below, a photo shows the war memorial next to the newer Crown Pub at the junction of Theobald St. From this photo, our premises would be a few hundred metres along on the right hand side. Elstree Studios surrounded us at one point but now, only the Elstree Way & Eastenders sets remain.


Our location

Theobald Street was the original high street in the town before Shenley Road became the busier area populated with new shops.


Rod hands over the reigns

In 1984, after an incredible career, Rod retires and hands the company to his son (John) & son in law (Dragomir). Both were experienced employees of Elstree Precision. The Company was in safe hands & continued to produce high precision components for new & existing customers

Early 2000's

New machines & Formula One

In 2003, Dragomir & Jane (Rods daughter) became the new owners of The Company. Investment in new CNC equipment followed as did work with the Red Bull Racing Formula One Team.


Projects with Racing Gold

During 2010 we started to produce components for a company who also worked closely with Red Bull Racing F1.

We machined magnesium, Inconel & titanium components to ensure Racing Gold could create pieces of industrial art.


Owners of Racing Gold acquire Elstree Precision

During 2015 a successful purchase process of the business commenced. Training of the next generation began & the business was transferred to a new family. The intention was to continue to run the business in the same way that Rod had set up, produce high quality components & maintain historic relationships. 


Dragomir winds down.

Dragomir & Jane retired in the summer of 2018, handing over the reigns to John Haigh & his wife, Tracy. Dragomir continues as a technical consultant and is often on-site working on interesting projects. In 2018, investment was made in new metrology equipment & 4 axis CNC machinery.


During the Global Pandemic. We had a choice. 

A. Furlough our staff.

B. Or explore our history with Lucas Films/Elstree Studios.


We opted to engage with some enthusiastic Star Wars super fans based in California, USA.


To celebrate the company passing 60 years of production, we are preparing an exhibition of our past. To be built on our first floor space at the factory, visitors will be invited to pass through zones that include our specialised historic work for the MOD, vintage tooling, current machining facilities and of course, a Star Wars room. Visitors will be invited to explore by appointment only. Please express any interest via the link below: