Elstree Precision Co LTD

Precision Engineering

Established in 1961, Elstree Precision has had the pleasure of working with many prestigious companies to support & manufacture high precision components from special metals, plastics & ceramic materials.

We specialize in machining Molybdenum, Titanium, Tantalum, Ceramic & most rare metals.

Many of our components are manufactured to be used in aerospace, medical or defense applications. Generally in vacuum chambers, our components need to be machined from specific materials that are stable at very high temperatures. We are not limited to special metals as we often work with engineering plastics & machinable ceramics.


Shapal Hi-M Soft™

We also specialize in machining complex components from Shapal Hi-M Soft & Macor Ceramic materials.

We can produce parts that even the design engineers don't think are possible.